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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13 User-space POSIX threads accepted ktpedre enhancement major
#15 Infiniband support new somebody enhancement major
#16 Run-time system new somebody enhancement major
#17 Multi-node HPL launch new somebody task major
#24 Linux mutexes and semaphores accepted hudson task major
#34 kfs infinite loop new hudson defect major
#19 Page faults should report task name new somebody defect minor
#23 IP performance new hudson enhancement minor
#25 vsnprintf() page faults if passed NULL new somebody defect minor
#27 External builds fail for user space accepted hudson defect minor
#29 kfs hash function stinks new hudson enhancement minor
#32 gdb / kgdb over sockets new somebody enhancement minor
#33 Copyright headers new somebody enhancement minor
#35 kobject ops from sysfs are not functional new hudson defect minor
#21 sprintf calls in the kernel new somebody enhancement trivial
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