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HOPSPACK Release History

  • 2.0.1 - March 26, 2010 (SVN rev 167)
    • New Feature. The release adds a new capability to project a trial point to the nearest point that satisfies all linear constraints (the previous release projected only with respect to variable bounds). In particular, the start point does not have to be linearly feasible.
    • New Feature. The GSS-MS solver is modified to accept problems with linear constraints. Start points are generated randomly within the variable bound constraints, then projected to the nearest point that satisfies linear constraints. If the user supplies an initial point, GSS-MS tries it as the first start point.
    • Bug Fix. Trial points produced by the GSS solver are adjusted to honor variable bounds if roundoff errors cause a violation. The bug is seen on problems with linear constraints, especially if the constraint set is badly conditioned. The adjustment to a point's position will not exceed the value of parameter Active Tolerance.
    • Bug Fix. Certain C++ #include headers required by the gcc 4.4.1 compiler are added.
    • Bug Fix. In the User Manual and examples, the proper return status when evaluating a function by System Call is clarified. The old description was unclear, and some examples did not always return the correct status.
  • 2.0.0 - Nov 2, 2009 (SVN rev 144)
    • The first external release of HOPSPACK brings together software from APPSPACK 5 and recent research on nonlinear constraints. New features include solver GSS-NLC for nonlinear constraints, an extendable framework that accommodates solvers for general problem types, parallel processing using MPI or multithreading, and support for native compilers on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

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