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HOPSPACK Documentation

The primary documentation for HOPSPACK is the User Manual, which is available from the  HOPSPACK Download site as a PDF document. The User Manual is a Sandia Technical Report (SAND 2009-6265), and is the preferred method for citing HOPSPACK in other publications.

The source code distribution contains HTML pages that document each file and C++ class. These were generated with the Doxygen tool ( from comments in the code. The source is available from the  HOPSPACK Download site.

You can download a slide presentation from the Attachments section below (SAND 2009-5016C) that describes the main features of HOPSPACK. The slides were presented by Todd Plantenga in a talk entitled "HOPSPACK: Software Framework for Parallel Derivative-Free Optimization", given at the 20th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (ISMP), Chicago, IL, Aug 2009.

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