FAST: Utilities for Agile Software Development

The FAST software repository provides a collection of independent software packages related to agile software development:

  • exact - A depricated Python package for experimental algorithmics
  • fast - A depricated Python package for software testing and management
  • hudson - Hudson build/testing scripts for various Sandia packages
  • LogTrigger - A Hudson plugin to trigger other jobs.
  • mlcovr - A matlab package for generating coverage information that can be used within Hudson
  • mlunit - A modified version of the mlunit package, which supports unit testing in matlab
  • PageMarkup - A Hudson plugin for managing html markup on Hudson pages.
  • runpy2 - A backport of the Python runpy package to Python 2.4
  • svn-hooks - Various commit hooks used by Sandia subversion projects
  • TicketModerator - A Trac plugin for supporting moderation of tickets submitted by anonymous users

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Conditions for Contributors

By contributing to this software project, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions for your contributions: First, you agree your contributions are submitted under the BSD license. Second, you represent you are authorized to make the contributions and grant the license. If your employer has rights to intellectual property that includes your contributions, you represent that you have received permission to make contributions and grant the required license on behalf of that employer.