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    2222The TicketModerator plugin introduces two new permissions: `MODERATOR_UNMODERATED` and `MODERATOR_MODERATOR`.  Users with the `MODERATOR_UNMODERATED` permission will not be subject to ticket moderation.  Any tickets they add or comment on will bypass the TicketModerator and be inserted directly into the Trac ticket database.  Users with `MODERATOR_MODERATOR` permissions will be allowed to browse the submissions in the moderation queue (pending, accepted, and rejected) and can make moderation decisions on any pending tickets. 
     24All new submissions are assigned to a Moderator.  The plugin assigns a submission to the first user it identifies that has _both_ `MODERATOR_MODERATOR` permissions and a registered e-mail address (so that they can receive the notification).  The plugin checks users in the following order: 
     25  1. The assigned ticket owner. 
     26  2. The default owner for the ticket Component. 
     27  3. The default moderator (see the `default_moderator` option below). 
     28  4. ''Any'' user. 
     29If the plugin cannot identify any user with both `MODERATOR_MODERATOR` permissions and a registered e-mail address, then it throws an configuration error and the submission is rejected. 
     31The TicketModerator plugin leverages the core Trac ticket notification system to send an e-mail to the assigned moderator.  The moderator may accept or reject the submission using links at the bottom of the e-mail.  Otherwise, they can browse, view, and accept or reject submissions through the web interface by following the "Moderator" link on the Trac "!MetaNav" navigation bar.  
     33==== Options ==== 
     35The TicketModerator plugin has several configuration options, all within the `[tickermoderator]` section: 
     36  ||'''Option'''||'''Description'''||'''Default'''|| 
     37  ||`default_moderator`||The default moderator assigned to new submissions (used if the ticket owner and default component owner are not Moderators)||(None)|| 
     38  ||`show_moderator_email`||Publish the assigned Moderator's e-mail address as part of the confirmation presented to the submitter.||False|| 
     39  ||`subject_template`||A Genshi text template snippet used to generate the notification subject.||`$prefix [Moderate] ${new and 'New Ticket' or 'Comment'}: $summary`|| 
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