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12:21 Changeset [2411] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: tagging 0.5 release
12:12 Ticket #3807 (Add moderation for ticket attachments) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: This should be working now…
12:11 Ticket #3852 (Let the user confirm his moderation decision) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: Won't fix due to changes brought about implementing moderated attachments …
12:10 Changeset [2410] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: removing ACCEPT/REJECT links from the Moderator e-mail …
12:07 Changeset [2409] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: completing implementation of moderated attachments …


23:17 Changeset [2408] by wehart
Setting separate fast.exact package.


23:06 Changeset [2407] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: - introducing a proper compatibility layer for Trac 0.11 …
07:31 Ticket #3863 (log trigger plugin Error) created by anonymous


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Updating documentation to point out the dependence on --prefix (reported … (diff)


15:57 Changeset [2406] by jdsiiro
Misc formatting for commit-generated ticket comments; adding additional …


13:20 Changeset [2405] by jdsiiro
Extracting default VPY configurations into a helper script (so that the …


17:21 Changeset [2404] by jdsiiro
Updating polling to directly leverage Hudson LogTrigger plugin.
16:12 Changeset [2403] by jdsiiro
Fixing POM development version
16:06 Changeset [2402] by jdsiiro
Updating LogTrigger to support Hudson 1.341's extensible Dependency Graph …
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Tagging the initial 0.1 release of the Hudson LogTrigger plugin.
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10:31 LogTrigger/ReleaseHistory created by jdsiiro
10:30 LogTrigger created by jdsiiro
10:30 Changeset [2400] by jdsiiro
Adding initial version of the Hudson LogTrigger plugin.


13:14 Changeset [2399] by wehart
Removing the --clear-config option.


13:49 Changeset [2398] by jdsiiro
Correcting URL to FAST vpy config file
13:13 Changeset [2397] by jdsiiro
Correcting error when checking out a clean workspace
13:00 Changeset [2396] by jdsiiro
More updates to the vpy-based polling
12:48 Changeset [2395] by jdsiiro
More updates to the polling script for vpy-based packages
11:39 Changeset [2394] by jdsiiro
Adding script for monitoring for updates to projects checked out with …
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