08:35 Ticket #3854 (Automatic Linking of Ticket Back to Changeset) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: A custom general post-commit script is available on s.s.g (in …
00:47 Changeset [2393] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: first step toward supporting moderation of attachments …


21:14 Changeset [2392] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: - support proper /moderator/NN URLs in addition to …


09:31 PageMarkup/ReleaseHistory created by jdsiiro
09:30 PageMarkup edited by jdsiiro
09:06 Changeset [2391] by jdsiiro
Correcting an error in the 0.2 release configuration.
09:01 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro
08:56 Changeset [2390] by jdsiiro
Tagging 0.2 release of the page-markup Hudson plugin.
08:51 Changeset [2389] by jdsiiro
page-markup: fixing broken links to help messages.


11:50 Hudson/ContactUs edited by jdsiiro


08:05 ContactUs edited by jdsiiro


17:46 Changeset [2388] by jdsiiro
Bugfix for post-commit script on s.s.g


22:12 Ticket #3858 ([Trac 0.12] Traceback on accepting moderated comment) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: I was close to correct: the root cause turns out to be that 0.12 now …
22:10 Changeset [2387] by jdsiiro
TicketModerator: update to properly manage datetime objects with non-None …
13:33 PageMarkup edited by jdsiiro
13:33 TicketModerator edited by jdsiiro
10:23 Changeset [2386] by jdsiiro
Renaming the subversion directory to better describe its use.
10:22 Changeset [2385] by jdsiiro
Adding standard Subversion hook scripts
08:43 Changeset [2384] by jdsiiro
Creating a directory for archiving & managing svn hook scripts


16:17 Ticket #3794 (Trac doesn't print forms) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Resolved by upgrading to Trac 0.11.7
10:23 Ticket #3817 (Add disk usage trends for hudson jobs) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: The Hudson disk-usage plugin is installed and running for all jobs.
10:20 Ticket #3827 (Hudson plugin that moves the 'go' button) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: This is not needed. On all job views other than "ALL", the order of the …
08:03 Ticket #3862 (Allow per-project moderation message) created by wehart
I could add an option so that you can specify the confirmation message on …


10:44 Changeset [2383] by wehart
Tagging FAST 2.6
10:43 Changeset [2382] by wehart
Merged revisions 2380-2381 via svnmerge from …
10:43 Changeset [2381] by wehart
Documentation update.
10:40 Changeset [2380] by wehart
Merged revisions 2320-2379 via svnmerge from …


08:16 Hudson edited by jdsiiro


13:27 Changeset [2379] by jdsiiro
Bugfix for case where gcov tosses errors that are not related to locating …


23:39 gcovr edited by jdsiiro
23:35 Ticket #3860 (gcovr cannot find source files) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: r2378 introduces new gcovr logic: if gcov tosses an error, gcovr will …
23:29 Changeset [2378] by jdsiiro
gcovr now detects if gcov tosses any errors and tries re-running gcov from …
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