09:39 Changeset [1905] by jdsiiro
Adding the actual copyright statement to the BSD license.
08:38 Ticket #3820 (Add new Trac plugin on s.s.g.) created by wehart
The following plugin would be quite handy to have around. It provides a …


13:17 Ticket #3819 (Install the Hudson 'violations' plugin) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Version 0.7.3 is installed.


16:00 Ticket #3819 (Install the Hudson 'violations' plugin) created by wehart
See  http://wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/HUDSON/Violations. I want to use …


23:11 ContactUs edited by jdsiiro
23:08 ContactUs edited by jdsiiro


13:43 Changeset [1904] by jdsiiro
Efficiency fix for creating the build directory in Hudson builds.


09:55 Changeset [1903] by jdsiiro
More bugfixes to the ant task.
09:40 Changeset [1902] by jdsiiro
Ant script bugfix
09:34 Changeset [1901] by jdsiiro
Adding an Ant build script to drive multi-configuration Hudson builds.


16:57 Hudson/FAQ edited by jdsiiro
16:53 Hudson/FAQ edited by jdsiiro


22:57 Hudson/FAQ edited by jdsiiro
12:17 Hudson/FAQ edited by jdsiiro


00:04 Ticket #3802 (Add support for OpenMPI on build hosts) closed by wehart
fixed: I'm treating this as 'fixed', since we can now build openMPI on baley.
00:03 Ticket #3812 (Setup icc builds on pill) closed by wehart


22:45 Hudson/FAQ edited by wehart
22:41 Hudson/FAQ created by wehart
22:38 WikiStart edited by wehart


20:45 Ticket #3818 (Rework ODIN builds) created by wehart
There is a Python-2.4.6 and Python-2.5.1 on makena and Python-2.4.6 and …
20:38 Ticket #3817 (Add disk usage trends for hudson jobs) created by wehart
See, for example, …
12:13 Changeset [1900] by wehart
Renaming this script, which is needed for all of acro.
10:43 Changeset [1899] by wehart
Adding a script to build acro-pico without tests.
08:47 Ticket #3816 (Add Trac plugin to add user email addresses) created by wehart
We can inject these directly into the DB, but we should have …


14:36 Changeset [1898] by wehart
Converting this shell to Unix format. This will hopefully ensure that …


15:48 Attic/NavigationBox edited by wehart
10:45 Changeset [1897] by jdsiiro
Adding a parameter to the dakota driver script to specify a different …


15:42 Ticket #3815 (Rework build script to enable out-of-source builds) created by wehart
For example, here's the Acro build: […]
14:35 Ticket #3814 (Create hudson 'siteconfig.sh' script) created by wehart
Use this to support host-specific configuration without using host …


21:43 Ticket #3813 (Flush out Dakota tests) created by wehart
Brian Adams provided pointers for making the Dakota tests more complete: …
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