19:21 Changeset [1743] by wehart
Update to note that this command is depricated.
19:19 Changeset [1742] by wehart
Deleting the vcproj_analysis command, which was never completed. This …
19:17 Changeset [1741] by wehart
Generalized the '-e' option to enable the specification of more than one …
19:14 gcovr edited by wehart
19:13 gcovr edited by wehart
19:13 gcovr edited by wehart
10:59 gcovr edited by wehart


22:56 Changeset [1740] by wehart
Misc documentation updates.
22:55 Changeset [1739] by wehart
Bug fix to use local testfn command.
22:51 Documentation/exact edited by wehart
22:40 Changeset [1738] by wehart
Adding example1 for exact.
20:55 Overview edited by wehart
20:53 Overview edited by wehart
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20:47 HarBerheaPhi06-wecs.pdf attached to Overview by wehart
20:46 Documentation/exact edited by wehart
10:37 Documentation/commit_summary edited by wehart
10:30 Changeset [1737] by wehart
Add a comment that no data is available when no commits are made.


23:55 Changeset [1736] by wehart
Bug fix when computing statistics. Updated command-line options. Misc …
18:58 gcovr edited by wehart
18:58 Documentation/exact edited by wehart
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18:49 gcovr created by wehart
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12:47 Documentation/exact created by wehart
12:46 WikiStart edited by wehart
12:35 Documentation/commit_summary created by wehart
12:26 WikiStart edited by wehart
12:07 Changeset [1735] by wehart
Removing the TestCases? object, which has been migrated into pyutilib_th.


08:53 Changeset [1734] by wehart
Adding a CommandLineTestCases? class, which provides a static method that …


18:54 Changeset [1733] by wehart
Update to include copyright statements.


10:58 ContactUs edited by jberry
10:57 ContactUs created by jberry


13:49 Changeset [1732] by lafisk
fix some paths


17:03 Changeset [1731] by wehart
Fixing this revision.
08:18 Ticket #3781 (Add support for filtering based on relative paths in gcovr) created by wehart
08:17 Ticket #3780 (Add support for a .gcovr configuration file) created by wehart


22:46 Changeset [1730] by wehart
Fixed bug, when acro does _not_ create its own Python command.
22:45 Changeset [1729] by wehart
Ensure that the acro Python command is used if it has been created.
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