23:55 Changeset [1736] by wehart
Bug fix when computing statistics. Updated command-line options. Misc …
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12:07 Changeset [1735] by wehart
Removing the TestCases? object, which has been migrated into pyutilib_th.


08:53 Changeset [1734] by wehart
Adding a CommandLineTestCases? class, which provides a static method that …


18:54 Changeset [1733] by wehart
Update to include copyright statements.


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13:49 Changeset [1732] by lafisk
fix some paths


17:03 Changeset [1731] by wehart
Fixing this revision.
08:18 Ticket #3781 (Add support for filtering based on relative paths in gcovr) created by wehart
08:17 Ticket #3780 (Add support for a .gcovr configuration file) created by wehart


22:46 Changeset [1730] by wehart
Fixed bug, when acro does _not_ create its own Python command.
22:45 Changeset [1729] by wehart
Ensure that the acro Python command is used if it has been created.


22:46 Overview created by wehart
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22:32 Ticket #3624 (db_daemon does not report when it fails) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm treating this as wont fix. This mechanism is being reworked…
22:31 Ticket #3089 (links wrong on summary for previous day) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm treating this as wontfix. This is not a priority wrt the other ideas …
22:29 Ticket #3091 (UI - Passed tests are kept, but no links) closed by wehart
fixed: This has been resolved by adding all test results in nightly report.
22:28 Ticket #2311 (Enable 'expected failure' category) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm treating this as 'wontfix' because it isn't clear that any …
22:25 Ticket #3713 (warnings not detected from Intel compilers) closed by wehart
wontfix: I can't build these myself, so I'm treating this as wontfix until we have …
22:24 Ticket #3669 (Control error summary based on verbosity) closed by wehart
wontfix: This isn't specific enough, so I'm deleting it.
22:21 Ticket #3312 (output missing from *.xml.log file) closed by wehart
fixed: I think this has been fixed.
22:19 Ticket #3122 (Setup EXACT configure.ac) closed by wehart
invalid: huh?
22:18 Ticket #3116 (Robust subprocess control) closed by wehart
fixed: I think this is fixed by PyUTILIB's subprocess management.
22:15 Ticket #3069 (Make gcov/lcov functionality more portable) closed by wehart
fixed: This is resolved by gcovr.
22:14 Ticket #3060 (New codecheck: summarize latest branch) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm not sure what this issue means... so I'm treating it as invalid.
22:12 Ticket #3036 (Make lcov coverage more tunable) closed by wehart
fixed: This is effectively solved by gcovr.
22:10 Ticket #3021 (Add the ability to reload existing experiments) closed by wehart
invalid: It's not clear what this issue is really about. I'm treating this issue …
22:08 Ticket #2200 (Augment EXACT to archive user environment used doing tests) closed by wehart
wontfix: Collecting a comprehensive set of information is not really realistic. …
22:07 Ticket #2182 (Setup documentation for EXACT) closed by wehart
wontfix: I think we can safely ignore this. We've written an EXACT conference …
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21:37 Changeset [1728] by wehart
Moving the 'pyfast' trunk into fast/trunk
21:37 Changeset [1727] by wehart
Moving old FAST trunk into the fast branches (for convenience).
21:35 Changeset [1726] by wehart
Deleting the pydev branch, which I'm finished with.
15:49 Changeset [1725] by wehart
Updated the name of the project, which is used to filter test output.


18:09 Changeset [1724] by wehart
Misc changes for debugging.
17:49 Changeset [1723] by wehart
Forcing commit_summary to be setup as an executable
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