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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#3965 Configuration Not Appearing in Jenkins 1.567 new defect blocker FAST 2.2 HudsonPageMarkup
#3967 implementing a custom site banner no longer works new defect blocker HudsonPageMarkup
#3973 Hudson Page Markup Macro not working with Jenkins ver. 2.138.2 new defect blocker HudsonPageMarkup
#3801 gcc tags new task major Hudson
#3814 Create hudson '' script new enhancement major Hudson
#3901 Slave environment variables are not set before the label verifier is called new defect major Hudson
#3911 Dynamic executor count for "PBS Slave" new enhancement major Hudson
#3966 After installation of Log-trigger plugin in jenkins dashboard where i can find option to use it new task major FAST 2.2 HudsonLogTrigger
#3261 Add "fixed bugs" code check new enhancement normal Hudson
#3790 Figure out coloring schemes for Python new task normal Trac
#3816 Add Trac plugin to add user email addresses new enhancement normal Trac
#3825 Add notification for ticket rejection new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator 1.0 TracTicketModerator
#3828 Periodically clean out Hudson workspaces new enhancement normal Hudson
#3835 Create Hudson 'barometer' plugin new enhancement normal Hudson
#3851 Removing approved/rejected history at some point new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator
#3853 Support "labeled builds" and rendering labels on plots new enhancement normal Hudson
#3855 Email Notifications for submissions requiring moderation new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator 1.0 TracTicketModerator
#3865 Moderated attachments should update their submission time when accepted new defect normal TracTicketModerator
#3875 Sometimes tickets are not moderated? assigned defect normal TracTicketModerator
#3882 Create a Blame Coverage plugin new enhancement normal Hudson
#3886 Allow more than one and parameterized jobs to be triggered new enhancement normal HudsonLogTrigger
#3894 Option to disable sending email notification to moderators new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator
#3896 Coop gallery plugin new enhancement normal Trac
#3897 Trac Downloader Stats - Make them world readable new enhancement normal Trac
#3899 Create a page that lists all labels new enhancement normal Hudson
#3905 Patch Trac notification to support blacklisted email addresses new enhancement normal Trac
#3909 Support flexible "Job Weight" (>=N) new enhancement normal Hudson
#3910 Restrict the "e-mails to individuals who broke the build" new enhancement normal Hudson
#3914 Unable to moderate ticket due to inability to see permissions new defect normal TracTicketModerator
#3926 Add Python 3.x tags new enhancement normal Hudson
#3927 Support label aliases / automatic labels new enhancement normal Hudson
#3928 Add support for labels with values new enhancement normal Hudson
#3929 Add suport for an "automatic labeler" new enhancement normal Hudson
#3930 New plugin: shutdown slave after job new enhancement normal Hudson
#3945 Moderated (Accepted) Tickets do not have default Milestone new defect normal TracTicketModerator 1.0 TracTicketModerator
#3963 Recover a Rejected Ticket new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator
#3964 Problem loading Page markup plugin with Jenkins 1.547 and java 1.7.0 51 new defect normal HudsonPageMarkup
#3968 initenv fails when ticket moderator is enabled in template new defect normal TracTicketModerator
#3970 Reject/Approve directly from Email message new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator
#3971 Spread submissions onto multiple pages new enhancement normal TracTicketModerator
#3972 Trac 1.2 support new defect normal TracTicketModerator 1.0 TracTicketModerator
#3820 Add new Trac plugin on s.s.g. new task minor Trac
#3880 Include summary & separate accept/reject radio buttons on pending list assigned enhancement minor TracTicketModerator
#3907 Ability to edit sections of wiki pages new enhancement minor Trac
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