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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#3806 Use an xUnit parser to summarize results in runtests new enhancement major runtests
#3904 Add logic to embed zipfile in installer script new task major vpykit
#2058 Improve error detection for configuration new enhancement normal FAST
#2203 Integrate performance testing into EXACT new enhancement normal EXACT
#3043 Figure out how to help users ... new enhancement normal EXACT
#3051 Handle bad XML files gracefully new defect normal EXACT
#3061 New codecheck: summarize nightly-build machine usage new enhancement normal FAST
#3072 More robust failure handling new defect normal FAST
#3082 Simplify hostname management new defect normal FAST
#3090 UI issues - Causes of failures are difficult to track down new defect normal FAST
#3110 Create an EXACT test example that uses the xu_doe. new enhancement normal EXACT
#3113 Reworking the timing tests in exact new defect normal EXACT
#3216 Extend semantics of user measurements new defect normal EXACT
#3217 Non-space measurements with quotes new defect normal EXACT
#3252 Archive the configure/build options new defect normal FAST
#3254 <status> != <status> new defect normal FAST
#3313 boolean options new defect normal EXACT
#3340 Moving Test Artifacts new defect normal FAST
#3363 Add testing for option=value feature new defect normal EXACT
#3783 update_externals is broken new defect normal EXACT
#3810 Setup valgrind tests of acro assigned task normal Hudson
#3818 Rework ODIN builds new task normal Hudson
#3834 Add option to calculate coverage on a per-unit test suite basis new defect normal runtests
#3846 Copyright check assigned enhancement normal Hudson
#3932 --site-packages flag is not effective new defect normal vpykit
#3949 PermissionError [WinError 5] on Windows 7 new defect normal EXACT
#2310 Refine format of config.out and build.out files new defect minor FAST
#2891 Manage setup of scenario results more carefully new defect minor FAST
#3341 Launcher needed for run_fast new defect minor FAST
#3630 FAST/EXACT appears to try to run tests even when build has failed. new defect minor EXACT
#3728 Key needs more information new enhancement minor EXACT
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