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#4042 5.1 and later crash with samples file in a global surrogate model defect normal Code Errors/Issues 5.1
#4180 FSUDACE CVT Method doesn't work with "asynchronous" support normal Code Errors/Issues 5.2
#4192 errors in Dakota/examples/script_interfaces/generic/ defect normal Code Errors/Issues 5.2

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4173 Dakota cannot get my ‘simulation engine’ to produce output wjbohnh defect normal Porting/Distribution VOTD
#4273 Cannot creat parameters file wg-dakota-support@… support normal Support VOTD
#4292 Error: Can't open display: briadam support high Code Errors/Issues VOTD
#4244 Issues with make install and teuchos briadam defect high Code Errors/Issues
#4265 Linux build for v5.3 does not work, cannot get v5.3 to compile from source either briadam defect normal Code Errors/Issues
#4275 unable to install dakota 5.3 briadam support normal Code Errors/Issues
#4294 repeated variables question wg-dakota-support@… support normal Support
#4300 Parallelization error briadam defect highest Code Errors/Issues
#4325 Design Variable Dependencies dmvigi support high Software Requirements - User
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