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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4222 New bug in workdir management? accepted wjbohnh defect highest wish list
#4300 Parallelization error new briadam defect highest 5.3
#4320 restart_file new jasteph support highest
#4339 Bad lexical cast errors when running Coliny algorithms under x64 Windows new briadam defect highest
#4023 Create internal database for evaluations and results new briadam epic high
#4115 Additional release tests accepted wjbohnh task high wish list
#4136 Enable concurrent iterators (refactor strategy) new mseldre enhancement high
#4140 Local refinement (h-adaptive) UQ methods assigned mseldre enhancement high
#4141 Restore branching engine new pdhough enhancement high wish list
#4165 User override of variable views assigned pdhough enhancement high wish list
#4170 Provide DakotaConfig.cmake in DAKOTA distributions accepted wjbohnh support high wish list
#4190 malloc error during execution of syscall/fork on OSX accepted wjbohnh support high
#4201 Build/install DAKOTA 5.2+ on Cray platform assigned dmvigi support high
#4218 Resolve sparse grid covariance for SC nodal interpolants in all_variables mode accepted mseldre enhancement high wish list
#4240 Dakota 5.2 on OSX 10.7.5 crashes with "Bus error: 10" new briadam defect high
#4244 Issues with make install and teuchos new briadam defect high 5.3
#4268 Error: cannot create parameters file /tmp/t129c.0 assigned jasteph support high
#4292 Error: Can't open display: new briadam support high 5.3
#4314 Issue with opening and writing results file assigned wg-dakota-support support high
#4325 Design Variable Dependencies new dmvigi support high 5.3
#4330 Problem with Soga assigned wg-dakota-support support high
#4341 perform an uncertainty analysis on a Surrogate model generated using experimental data new wg-dakota-support@… support high
#4345 std::bad_alloc error new briadam support high
#4347 failure_capture continuation samples a failing point repeatedly while stepping new briadam defect high
#4348 failure_capture continuation samples a failing point repeatedly while stepping new briadam defect high
#4002 Use of surrogate models during the optimization phase reopened dakota-developers@… support normal
#4006 Sampling results from PCE new briadam enhancement normal
#4007 build Pecos with shared libraries on Windows new briadam defect normal
#4008 Write CMakeLists.txt files for surfpack reopened zack.galbreath enhancement normal
#4024 Output samples taken on surrogate models new briadam enhancement normal
#4029 Dakota error line # unintuitive new briadam enhancement normal
#4036 NIDR alternation and grouping accepted briadam defect normal
#4038 Improve CMake docs build process new briadam enhancement normal
#4040 Improve asynch behavior for COLIN new briadam enhancement normal
#4042 5.1 and later crash with samples file in a global surrogate model assigned defect normal 5.3
#4045 Prototype plots in JAGUAR new echan enhancement normal
#4048 Command line options: replace GetLongOpt new wjbohnh enhancement normal
#4056 Use CMake for distribution accepted briadam epic normal 5.3
#4075 Document process for tagging repo new dmvigi task normal
#4085 Strategy for JEGA header install assigned briadam task normal
#4090 Verify OPT++ test coverage new pdhough task normal
#4099 Mixed integer optimization capabilities new pdhough epic normal
#4102 Document the documentation new dmvigi support normal
#4109 Issue with Dakota's MPI static scheduling, associated with Open-MPI new briadam defect normal
#4119 Can't open [1] : No such file or directory at dprepro line 48. accepted wjbohnh support normal
#4122 Incorrect Links for Documentation reopened dmvigi support normal
#4129 Reflect and prepare release process new dmvigi task normal
#4135 Review uses of Teuchos solvers and equilibrate bug new lpswile defect normal wish list
#4145 Expand surrogates by multiple points in EGO, EGRA, etc. new pdhough enhancement normal wish list
#4151 Improve HOPSPACK CMake probes for BLAS and LAPACK accepted briadam enhancement normal wish list
#4152 Investigate TriBITS components to improve DAKOTA's CMake new wjbohnh task normal
#4154 Document or update development processes new dmvigi epic normal
#4156 Deploy new nightly reporting email accepted dmvigi enhancement normal wish list
#4172 Detection of absence of execution rights for interface script new briadam enhancement normal
#4173 Dakota cannot get my ‘simulation engine’ to produce output new wjbohnh defect normal 5.3
#4177 latest stable (5/29/2012) build errors under cygwin 1.7.15 accepted wjbohnh support normal
#4180 FSUDACE CVT Method doesn't work with "asynchronous" assigned support normal 5.3
#4181 How to control the maximum number of iterations for the coliny pattern search assigned pdhough support normal
#4185 LHS requests new lpswile support normal
#4188 Scheduling for variable size evaluation jobs new briadam enhancement normal
#4192 errors in Dakota/examples/script_interfaces/generic/ assigned defect normal 5.3
#4193 does not run in version 5.1 assigned dmvigi support normal
#4200 retrieving data in library mode new dakota-developers@… support normal
#4202 data retrieval library mode new dakota-developers@… support normal
#4210 Recasts for data, scaling, and reduction accepted briadam defect normal wish list
#4215 Testing categories or labels new enhancement normal
#4216 Consider something like Boost Extension library for Dynamic, binary library components new wjbohnh enhancement normal
#4221 NonDSampling: replace uncorrelated series/parallel system probability with sample-based series/parallel system probability new mseldre defect normal wish list
#4229 Would like for algorithms to report best design updates new briadam enhancement normal
#4232 CONMIN blocking problem new briadam support normal
#4233 Extended restart facilities new dmvigi enhancement normal
#4242 Support all command-line options in library mode new dmvigi enhancement normal wish list
#4249 Missing !DakotaBuildInfo.cpp in svn export accepted wjbohnh defect normal
#4251 User's Manual Documentation Follow-up action items new dmvigi support normal
#4252 Implement HMDR for CASL new briadam enhancement normal
#4253 Improve ESM implementation for CASL new briadam enhancement normal
#4256 Question about best algorithm for stochastic output of Influenza simulation assigned dmvigi support normal
#4265 Linux build for v5.3 does not work, cannot get v5.3 to compile from source either new briadam defect normal 5.3
#4266 should samples be optional anywhere in Dakota? new Laura Swiler support normal
#4267 which subcategories for certain methods? new briadam support normal
#4269 Can't open display new wg-dakota-support@… support normal
#4270 Can't compile DAKOTA new wg-dakota-support@… support normal
#4273 Cannot creat parameters file new wg-dakota-support@… support normal 5.3
#4275 unable to install dakota 5.3 new briadam support normal 5.3
#4277 Workdir with fork and templatedir prepending dot slash on Mac new briadam defect normal
#4278 Dakota run (in parallel with 'asynchronous evaluation_concurrency = 7' not ending) new wg-dakota-support@… support normal
#4279 real-time output of objective function values (plural) and visualization accepted jasteph support normal
#4280 Final output summary stored in file? accepted jasteph support normal
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