Related Projects

Python Optimization Tools

  •  APLEpy: A Python modeling tool for linear and mixed-integer linear programs.
  •  Coopr: Coopr is a collection of Python optimization-related packages that supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities for formulating and analyzing optimization models.
  •  CVExp: Expression Tree Builder and Translator based on a Controlled Vocabulary
  •  CVXOPT (license: GPL3), a tool for convex optimization which defines its own matrix-like object and interfaces to FFTW, BLAS, and LAPACK.
  •  cvxpy A Python package for modeling convex optimization problems
  •  DEAP: Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python]
  •  ECsPy: Evolutionary Computations in Python
  •  EMMA: A Python optimization library with a focus on constraint programming
  •  libcgrpp: A Python/C library for box-constrained global optimization with continuous GRASP
  •  Mystic: An optimization framework focused on continuous optimization.
  •  NLopt: A Python interface to optimization solvers]
  •  NLPy: A Python optimization framework that leverages AMPL to create problem instances, which can then be processed in Python
  •  OpenMDAO: An open-source Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) framework.
  •  OpenOpt: A numerical optimization framework with some own solvers and connections to lots of others.
  •  PICOS: A user friendly interface to several conic and integer programming solvers.
  •  PuLP: A Python package that can be used to describe linear programming and mixed-integer linear programming optimization problems
  •  pycosat Python bindings for the PicoSAT solver.
  •  PyCpx Python wrapper for the Cplex optimization suite
  •  PyGLPK: A Python interface to the GLPK LP/MIP solver
  •  Pyiopt: A Python interface to the COIN-OR Ipopt solver
  •  PyLinpro: A pure simplex tableau solver for linear programming
  •  PyMathProg: A Python reincarnation of GNU MathProg modeling language, implemented in pure Python.
  •  PyOpt: A Python framework with direct hooks to C/Fortan optimizers.
  •  pyosi: Provides a Python interface to COIN-OR's Open Solver Interface, aka OSI.
  •  yaposib: A more Pythonic interface to COIN-OR'S Open Solver Interface.

Packages that Include Python Bindings

  •  MPL: MPL modeling language

Optimization Software Projects