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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4506 Critical issue with DAT file parser coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 12/03/13
#4508 Sorted Order coopr.pyomo task unassigned new 12/06/13
#4500 Need to allow mutable parameters as indices in Param coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 11/14/13
#4505 NumPy vectors cause Param init termination coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 11/25/13
#4509 runef generates WARNING: No construction rule... coopr.pysp defect jwatson new 01/06/14
#4520 Jenkins coverage report is broken Testing defect unassigned new 03/18/14
#4526 Reconstruct not working for a set coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 04/21/14

Milestone Coopr 3.5 (32 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4479 coopr_votd error Configuration defect unassigned new 08/03/13
#4320 Memory Leak in Pyomo coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 12/09/11
#4386 "Trivial" constraints never checked Configuration defect jdsiiro new 07/25/12
#4446 Improve error handling when the SolverFactory fails to create a solver coopr.opt defect unassigned new 01/14/13
#4513 Defer solver checks until solver availability needed coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 01/11/14
#4525 Pyomo solution output needs quotes added Coopr defect unassigned new 04/14/14
#4484 Set filters desperately need to take a model as the first function argument! coopr.pyomo minor enhancement unassigned new 08/29/13
#4405 Add ODBC tests coopr.pyomo task unassigned new 08/30/12
#4410 Update Windows Installer README Coopr task jdsiiro new 09/08/12
#4451 Install scipy and numpy on carr Testing task unassigned new 01/27/13
#4453 Add support for complementarity constraints coopr.pyomo task wehart new 02/02/13
#4269 Silently ignore unknown index in parameter construction with multiple indices Configuration defect jwatson new 06/23/11
#4315 3.1 pmedian examples Configuration defect unassigned new 11/21/11
#4316 pyspdoc.pdf is not in coopr/doc Documentation defect unassigned new 11/23/11
#4356 Revisit need for model instance in ModelData class coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 05/24/12
#4372 --interactive is not compatible with --save-model coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 06/21/12
#4430 A Param key miss should raise a KeyError (not ValueError) coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 11/19/12
#4460 Bug in model.all_blocks() when iterating over an abstract model coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 02/14/13
#4474 Pyomo LP model only solves with Cbc coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 06/12/13
#4485 pyomo --summary yields exception when solve is infeasible coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 08/30/13
#4486 Failure to check domain in Param coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 09/16/13
#4490 Pyomo is inconsistent about ignoring extraneous .dat file entries coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 10/11/13
#4493 Incorrect / odd behavior when manipulating indexed sets coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 10/14/13
#4495 Problem parsing empty param statements coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 10/24/13
#4497 Incorrect status coming back from glpk coopr.solvers defect unassigned new 10/29/13
#4523 Prompted for IPython install on first run of lbin/pyomo Configuration defect unassigned new 04/14/14
#4524 Problem building constraints and objectives with VOTD coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 04/14/14
#4331 print results coopr.pyomo minor enhancement unassigned new 02/24/12
#4360 allow Param( default=otherParam ) coopr.pyomo minor enhancement unassigned new 06/05/12
#4491 Checking of variable initial values is very expensive coopr.pyomo minor enhancement unassigned new 10/13/13
#4436 sequence component needs Configuration task unassigned new 12/19/12
#4507 Coopr performance test Testing task unassigned new 12/06/13

Milestone Coopr 3.x (61 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4086 GLPK.py coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 07/13/10
#4237 Resolve IPOPT interface issues coopr.solvers defect wehart new 04/13/11
#4250 Inconsistency in variable naming Configuration defect jwatson new 05/15/11
#4277 Setup Windows Python builds Configuration defect jdsiiro new 07/22/11
#4392 Overhaul bounds management in Pyomo coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 08/06/12
#4432 pyomo command line bug for cplex on windws coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 12/03/12
#3823 Example bugs coopr.pyomo defect jwatson assigned 02/20/08
#4025 Resolve GLPK parsing bug coopr.solvers defect wehart new 02/15/10
#4059 Review design of Python scripting plugins coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 05/11/10
#4146 A coopr_install problem on Windows7 involving PATH variables Configuration defect wehart new 11/19/10
#4245 Review test_transform.py coopr.pyomo defect jwatson new 05/01/11
#4310 Piecewise linear exampes don't seem to work... coopr.pyomo defect gabeh new 10/30/11
#4346 easy_install and pip installer coopr versions are buggy Coopr defect unassigned new 04/17/12
#4354 coopr_install fails for non-en_US locales Configuration defect unassigned new 05/04/12
#4383 Sparse results from PICO coopr.solvers defect unassigned new 07/12/12
#4393 Uninitialized Variables Configuration defect jdsiiro new 08/08/12
#4434 Validating Param values inconsistently applied coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 12/11/12
#4496 Mutable parameters are passing incorrect arguments to validation rules coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 10/25/13
#4206 Efficiently throw exceptions for attempting to manipulate unconstructed objects coopr.pyomo major enhancement jdsiiro assigned 02/15/11
#4389 solution writer "plugins" need to have the ph object coopr.pysp major enhancement jwatson new 07/29/12
#3889 Enable application of solver with a named objective coopr.pyomo minor enhancement wehart new 04/19/09
#4123 Add --namespaces option to the pyomo command coopr.pyomo minor enhancement wehart new 09/19/10
#4266 Add a new `LinearConstraintBlock` modeling object coopr.pyomo minor enhancement unassigned new 06/09/11
#4402 Add support for ODS and XML file formats Configuration minor enhancement unassigned new 08/25/12
#3990 Solver Manager - Add filtering for solvers coopr.pyomo task wehart new 12/18/09
#4116 Create coopr.opt solver analyzer coopr.opt task wehart new 09/06/10
#4195 Flush out the Coopr_trunk_python2.6_perf_status coopr.pyomo task wehart new 01/16/11
#4209 Add components to Windows installer Configuration task wehart new 02/16/11
#4305 Add iterative Pyomo example Documentation task unassigned new 10/01/11
#3937 MIP Solver tests coopr.opt defect wehart new 08/12/09
#3999 Validate results semantics coopr.opt defect wehart new 12/29/09
#4001 Resolve semantics of Solution ID values coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 01/02/10
#4027 Create concrete instances from other concrete instances. Configuration defect wehart new 02/24/10
#4095 Var domain bug coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 07/22/10
#4096 Pyomo should use exit codes coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 07/23/10
#4112 Change mechanism for disabling canonical representations for ASL coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 08/14/10
#4121 Error handling for set command coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 09/18/10
#4159 Less-than-useful parser error message for .dat files coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 12/09/10
#4198 Re-visit initialize keyword in _SetArray coopr.pyomo defect wehart new 01/22/11
#4215 Need to improve error-checking in RangeSet constructor Configuration defect wehart new 02/28/11
#4243 Error loading Gurobi results when stopped by timelimit coopr.solvers defect unassigned new 05/01/11
#4251 within = [ list of integers ] not enforced coopr.pyomo defect wehart assigned 05/30/11
#4296 Add explicit attribute management to Constraint objects coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 08/31/11
#4317 PySP --write-ef and --solve-ef together coopr.pysp defect jwatson new 12/01/11
#4318 Improve error when saving model to unknown format coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 12/02/11
#4325 efout.lp contains "not valid identifier" coopr.pysp defect jwatson new 01/03/12
#4326 Add test for Jython interpreter Configuration defect unassigned new 01/07/12
#4328 Problem with reading solution from GLPK coopr.solvers defect unassigned new 01/27/12
#4334 bad line number count for pysp data coopr.pysp defect jwatson new 03/08/12
#4338 Improve warning output following abstract model construction coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 03/22/12
#4341 Need to revisit "flatten_tuples" and indexed_component.py coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 04/10/12
#4342 Problem with constraint pprint() coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 04/12/12
#4344 More inconsistencies in Pyomo model pprint() coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 04/12/12
#4347 Conceptual issue / flaw with Params and mutability coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 04/17/12
#4353 Not checking for expr keyword in abstract models coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 05/02/12
#4357 Prevent / error on iteration of RangeSet prior to construction coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 05/24/12
#4370 Unable to create constraint from connector with no nonconstant items coopr.pyomo defect jdsiiro new 06/20/12
#4371 Block model creation from data dictionary Configuration defect jdsiiro new 06/20/12
#4377 coopr_install is no longer keeping site packages Configuration defect wehart new 06/24/12
#4388 runef (but not runph) trouble with singleton to blend coopr.pysp defect jwatson new 07/29/12
#4407 Errors initializing set array from a database coopr.pyomo defect unassigned new 09/07/12
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