Using CANARY with EDDIES 4.0 RT

The following are some notes regarding issues we've found that a "gotcha!"s deploying with EDDIES.

Why does my user ID not exist in the database?

The EDDIES schema setup scripts provide the ability to set up the EDDIES database and messaging service for a specific EDS tool (i.e., CANARY). Launch the deployment script, and use a username of "CANARY" when it asks for one. It does need to be all capital letters due to some of the internals to the database method calls. This script also sets up the permission tables and views necessary for CANARY to interact properly with the EDDIES tool for sending and receiving data and messages.

What is the form of the connection URL?

The general form of a URL to connect to EDDIES is jdbc:oracle:<drivertype>:<username/password>@<database>

The <drivertype> is one of:

  • thin
  • oci
  • kprb

CANARY prefers that thin be used if you are using the ojdbc14.jar driver found on the Oracle web site here. For Oracle < 11, try ojdbc14.jar, for Oracle 11+, try ojdbc5.jar.

The <username/password> is empty when connecting from CANARY, because the username and password are supplied elsewhere.

The <database> piece is one of the following:

  • <host>:<port>/<service>
  • <host>:<port>:<SID>
  • <TNSName>

To use <TNSName> the tnsnames.ora file must be configured correctly. Using the default Oracle 10g Express Edition, for example, on the host myserver.mycompany, the proper format would be one of the following:

  • jdbc:oracle:thin:@//myserver.mycompany:1521/xe
  • jdbc:oracle:thin:@myserver.mycompany:1521:SomeSID
  • jdbc:oracle:thin:@MyDatabaseTNSName

For more information, please see the Oracle JDbc Frequently Asked Questions Page found here