Acro Projects

Acro is managed as a collection of projects, where each project is defined by a set of packages and third party libraries.

Stable Projects

These are stable projects that are intended for general distribution.


The main Acro project, which integrates all stable packages.


This project integrates the COLIN optimization interface with the Coliny command-line interface. This project includes a variety optimizers that all have a COLIN optimization interface. For example, the SCOLIB library defines global optimization methods like multi-start local search, evolutionary algorithms and DIRECT. Additionally, the Coliny command-line interface integrates a variety of optimizers, such as a Lipshitzian solver and the Cobyla optimizer.


This project defines PEBBL, a library for parallel branch-and-bound.


This project defines a parallel mixed integer linear programming (MILP) solver. Three publicly available linear programming solvers are integrated into Acro for this MILP solver: GLPK, SOPLEX and CLP.

Application Projects

These are stable projects that support specific applications or software integration efforts.


A subset of the acro-coliny project that is needed by the  DAKOTA optimization toolkit

Limited Release Projects

These projects are not generally released either because they are under development, or because they contain software that has not been copyrighted and licensed.


This project includes all Acro packages that are under development.


This project defines GNLP, a general-purpose global optimization solver that leverages and extends the PEBBL branch-and-bound library. This solver can rigorously solve nonlinear problems that can be expressed algebraically (e.g. with a mathematical programming language like AMPL).


This project defines ParPCx, a parallel linear programming solver that is based on the serial interior-point code PCx and the Trilinos solver library.

Projects for Testing


A project used to test  UTILIB, a library of general-purpose C++ utilities. The capabilities of UTILIB are similar in spirit to STL and BOOST.