Acro Tools

These commands are installed in the acro/bin directory, and are intended for general use by Acro users and developers. The Acro package that provides this tool is indicated in parentheses:

  • coliny
    • The command-line interface for COLIN optimizers.
  •  commit_summary
    • Summarizes the commit history for a subversion repository. (FAST)
  •  exact
    • The script that performs computational experiments. (FAST)
  •  gcovr
    • A utility to run gcov and generate a simple report that summarizes coverage statistics. (FAST)
  • pico_convert
    • A utility for converting between different file formats for integer programming problems. (PICO)
  • lbin
    • A utility to find and execute scripts in the acro/bin directory
  • lpython
    • A utility to find and execute Acro's local Python installation
  •  memmon
    • A utility to monitor memory usage for Linux executables. (UTILIB)
  • PICO
    • A parallel integer programming optimizer. (PICO)
  •  pyomo
    • A Python modeling tool for optimization. (Coopr)
  •  pysos
    • A Python modeling tool for composing systems optimization formulations. (Coopr)
  • setup
    • The top-level Acro script for managing configuration and builds
  •  sucasa
    • A utility for customizing the PICO optimizer. (Coopr)
  • svn.a
    • A utility for checking out Acro projects
  •  svn_check
    • Check and validate subversion externals. (FAST)
  • svn_status
    • Summarize edits that need to be committed with subversion
  •  timer
    • A timing utility that passes SIGTERM signals to its child process. (UTILIB)

These are external tools that are commonly used for developing Acro software: