14:43 Changeset [7424] by jdsiiro
Moving CxxTest? external references to point back to the SNL mirror.


08:31 Changeset [7423] by wehart
Adding a sketch of how to call subsolvers.


17:42 Changeset [7422] by jdsiiro
Additional tests and fixes for Pareto Views that are not bound to physical …
16:27 Changeset [7421] by jdsiiro
- Fixing the propagation of onClear events through Pareto views - Adding …
16:01 Changeset [7420] by wjbohnh
(re-syncing with common/bootstrap as directred by John Siirola)
15:59 Changeset [7419] by wjbohnh
Just another attempt at fixing the CMake build when tpl/3po/cobyla is …
14:10 Changeset [7418] by jdsiiro
- Updating the namespace for Solver registration Macros to explicitly …
14:09 Changeset [7417] by jdsiiro
- Adding a default propagators for annotate() / erase_annotation() to …
13:54 Changeset [7416] by jdsiiro
(re-syncing with common/bootstrap)
12:40 Changeset [7415] by wjbohnh
Added new include (-I) path to the build (pebbl/src/pbb) since the new …
12:05 Changeset [7414] by wjbohnh
Sync'd-up CMake build harness with autotools; i.e. added new PIDOMS code.
09:23 Changeset [7413] by wehart
Getting things to compile ... if not working.


14:57 Changeset [7412] by wehart
Misc compiler bug fixes. We're down to a last issue with the registration …
14:33 Changeset [7411] by wehart
Adding PIDOMS to the build. This breaks right now, since COLIN has …
13:19 Changeset [7410] by wjbohnh
Fixed the CMake build when tpl/3po/cobyla is enabled. Addresses a …


19:31 Changeset [7409] by wehart
Eliminating unknown nosetests option.
13:13 Changeset [7408] by wehart
Fixing bug in comparison of optimum value.


15:45 Changeset [7407] by jdsiiro
Re-syncing cmake harness with changes in autoconf harness.
14:23 Changeset [7406] by jdsiiro
Removing a dependence that was accidentally included in r7405.
12:25 Changeset [7405] by jdsiiro
Re-factoring the Cache Views to move all the basic iterator management …
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