16:27 Changeset [7011] by wehart
Adding admin/driver to manage execution of setup mechanism.
16:26 Changeset [7010] by wehart
Updates to eliminate the use of FAST, and the use of acro/bin/driver.
16:19 Blog: Note to developers: Subversion post-commit hook edited by jdsiiro
16:15 Community created by jdsiiro


10:24 Changeset [7009] by jdsiiro
Removing the restructure branches; they have been reincorporated back into …
07:54 Changeset [7008] by jdsiiro
Merging the restructure branches for colin, scolib, and interfaces back to …


16:04 Changeset [7007] by jdsiiro
- updates to get the restructure branches building - improved autoconf …
08:31 Changeset [7006] by jdsiiro
Checkpointing basic reorganization.
08:24 Changeset [7005] by jdsiiro
Checkpointing basic reorganization.
08:14 Changeset [7004] by jdsiiro
Branching scolib to work on Acro repository restructure.
08:13 Changeset [7003] by jdsiiro
Branching colin to work on Acro repository restructure.
08:06 Changeset [7002] by jdsiiro
Branching interfaces to work on Acro repository restructure.
07:53 Changeset [7001] by jdsiiro
Updates from acro-root.


15:05 Changeset [7000] by jdsiiro
Changing reference to utilib_config.h from …
11:56 Blog: Note to developers: Subversion post-commit hook created by wehart


04:43 Changeset [6999] by caphill
Correcting some inline documentation.
04:20 Changeset [6998] by caphill
Fixing a bug that sometimes leads to a seg fault. When activating a node, …
03:30 Ticket #4419 (Review/improve subproblem inactivation with respect to basis management) created by caphill
Review the use of noLongerActive() method. Right now the only effects are …


17:42 Changeset [6997] by jdsiiro
Squashing compiler warnings.
17:23 Changeset [6996] by jdsiiro
Tracking Utilib change  [U1865] (reorganization of CxxTest::ValueTraits
15:47 Changeset [6995] by jdsiiro
- bugfix for the UnconMultiobjectiveApplication? introduced in r6989 - …


17:28 Changeset [6994] by jdsiiro
Adding AmplApplication? method declaration accidentally omitted from r6993.
17:24 Changeset [6993] by jdsiiro
- updating AmplApplication? so all the logic for determining the …
15:53 NavigationBox edited by jdsiiro
Name changed from NavigationBar? to NavigationBox (diff)
13:54 Changeset [6992] by jdsiiro
First step in the AmplApplication? overhaul. The application now supports …
13:50 Changeset [6991] by jdsiiro
Cleaning up output generated by Application_Base::print_summary()
13:49 Changeset [6990] by jdsiiro
Adding new special-case casts that take advantage of the TypeManager?'s …
13:49 Changeset [6989] by jdsiiro
Generalizing the map_response callbacks to correctly perform the mapping …
13:48 Changeset [6988] by jdsiiro
Splitting out a NonexecutableApplication? from the ReformulationApplication?


14:51 Changeset [6987] by jdsiiro
Updating calls to reflect the change in the "exactness" parameter to …
14:49 Changeset [6986] by jdsiiro
Re-basing some EXACT tests to reflect changes in formatting and default …
14:48 Changeset [6985] by jdsiiro
Updating Constraint Penalty reformulation tests to reflect change in the …


13:15 ContactUs edited by jdsiiro
Formatting change (diff)
13:14 Packages edited by jdsiiro
Change in management… (diff)
13:10 ContactUs edited by jdsiiro
Change in management… (diff)
09:16 Changeset [6984] by jeckstei
Minor enhancements to pebblLoadGraph --view Launches a separate …
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