22:49 Changeset [6933] by jdsiiro
Removing references to ContextMngr?() and replacing with …
16:43 Changeset [6932] by jdsiiro
Colin: - fixes for bugs introduced in r6931 - extending nonlinear & …
13:12 Ticket #4413 (Simplify problem type names (NLP0_problem -> NLP0)) created by jdsiiro
Simplify all the Problem Trait names by removing the trailing …
12:44 Changeset [6931] by jdsiiro
Colin: - Converting transform_response_signal to collect int return …


16:32 Changeset [6930] by jdsiiro
Colin: extending FiniteDifference? reformulation to support multi-objective …
16:06 Changeset [6929] by jdsiiro
Bugfix introduced in r6928.
15:55 Changeset [6928] by jdsiiro
Colin: - major overhaul of EvaluationManager? system to use handles - …
12:19 Changeset [6927] by jdsiiro
Colin: - bugfix: Application::set_domain should take the domain as an Any …
09:32 Changeset [6926] by jdsiiro
Re-enabling support for configuring with "--enable-ampl=no" - …


11:00 Changeset [6925] by jdsiiro
Squashing various compiler warnings


19:47 Changeset [6924] by wehart
Adding hooks to install Acro Python packages.
07:08 Ticket #4412 (pebblLoadGraph option to look at specific subsets of processors) created by jeckstei
pebblLoadGraph currently charts all processors in the data file. It might …
07:06 Ticket #4411 (Black-and-white option for pebblLoadGraph) created by jeckstei
Currently, the pebblLoadGraph script produces nice color output. But the …
07:03 Ticket #4410 (Improve PEBBL enumeration performance) created by jeckstei
Docking tests reveal poor enumeration performance for PEBBL. Try to …
07:02 Ticket #4409 (Improve PEBBL load balancing) created by jeckstei
The load logging tool reveals that PEBBL load balancing with knapsack is …


18:37 Ticket #4408 (Propagate python scripts to /bin) created by jeckstei
Python code in packages/xxxx/python/scripts should automatically appear in …
18:33 Ticket #4407 (Load logging feature for PEBBL applications, including PICO) closed by jeckstei
18:33 Ticket #4407 (Load logging feature for PEBBL applications, including PICO) created by jeckstei
Add a load logging feature to PEBBL, automatically inherited by PICO. By …
18:24 Ticket #1693 (Fixup solution I/O when performing enumeration) closed by jeckstei
18:23 Ticket #4398 (Please add compilable example with C/C++ objective function) closed by jeckstei
duplicate: I think this ticket is subsumed by ticket #4287 -- put a complete sample …
16:08 Ticket #2313 (Docking) closed by jdsiiro
16:02 Ticket #2291 (Reassess PICO naming conventions) closed by jdsiiro
15:55 Ticket #2144 (serious looking build warnings in pico-milp) closed by jdsiiro
15:53 Ticket #2084 (MIP heuristic DOA) closed by jdsiiro
15:42 Ticket #1792 (Slowdown with cutting methods) closed by jdsiiro
15:41 Ticket #1782 (Update of the solution collection mechanism) closed by jdsiiro
15:40 Ticket #1622 (Problem crashes after 3 hours on qed.) closed by jdsiiro
15:35 Ticket #1574 (PICO/cplex with mipHeuristics declares gesa3 integer infeasible) closed by jdsiiro
15:34 Ticket #1572 (PICO/cplex not quitting when it runs out of memory) closed by jdsiiro
15:34 Ticket #1471 (Caught `bad_alloc' exception) closed by jdsiiro
15:24 Ticket #4346 (Add sucasa tests) closed by jdsiiro
15:22 Ticket #2446 (Integrate CLP performance-tuning parameters) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Ojas did this.
15:20 Ticket #1833 (Warm-starting problem in PICO LP solvers) closed by jdsiiro
15:14 Ticket #3180 (Resolve memory issues in BCMip) closed by jdsiiro
15:13 Ticket #4406 (Re-establish valgrind tests in Hudson) created by jdsiiro
We need to recreate the valgrind tests from FAST/Exact for PICO.
13:53 Changeset [6923] by jdsiiro
Overhaul of handling of nondeterministic constraints in the Application …


17:38 Changeset [6922] by jdsiiro
Improved utilities for summarizing TracDownloader? plugin activity.
10:17 Changeset [6921] by jdsiiro
(test commit checking svn permissions)


15:56 Changeset [6920] by jdsiiro
- bugfixes for UnconMultiobj? reformulation - optimizationSense is now …


23:46 NavigationBox edited by wehart
23:41 Ticket #3274 (add scenario info when reporting configure failures) closed by wehart
23:40 Ticket #2308 (MIME-formated nightly emails) closed by wehart
23:40 Ticket #2186 (Evaluate change/commit data in code checks report) closed by wehart
23:40 Ticket #2156 (Setup nightly tests with different optimization levels) closed by wehart
23:37 Ticket #2572 (Generate generic runexp interface for simple user apps) closed by wehart
23:30 Ticket #2314 (Augment code check to add summary of nightly info) closed by wehart
23:30 Ticket #2309 (Nightly test review script) closed by wehart
invalid: Our use of Hudson makes this issue moot.
23:29 Ticket #2198 (Setup Code Check for Acro Web Page Links) closed by wehart
invalid: This ticket is not necessary now that we use the Trac downloader for …
23:28 Ticket #2128 (Revise definition of 'nightly' tests) closed by wehart
invalid: Our use of Hudson has made this issue moot. Hudson will dynamically …
17:19 Ticket #4376 (Finalize 'fixed' variable semantics) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: Invalid: "Fixed" variables have been removed from Colin 3.1. To fix a …
17:18 Ticket #4375 (Add error checking for fixed variables) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: Invalid: "Fixed" variables have been removed from Colin 3.1. To fix a …
17:17 Ticket #4373 (COLIN Plugin Musings) closed by jdsiiro
invalid: These musings should be in a wiki page and not a ticket.
17:08 Ticket #4194 (Explore XML interface for Cobertura) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: We have implemented and deployed this.
16:38 Ticket #2150 (Cleanup and resolve errors in the ModelStatus and SolverStatus) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: I am closing this ticket due to inadequate information.
15:51 Ticket #4383 (Identify what COLIN interface capabilities are needed for OPT++) closed by jdsiiro
15:47 Ticket #4304 (Complete the Interfaces MOMHLib Interface) closed by jdsiiro
duplicate: Duplicate of #4182.
15:42 Ticket #4241 (WeightedSumApplication incomplete for derivatives) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: This was fixed in r6919. WeightedSum? supports gradients but not Hessians.
15:36 Ticket #3139 (Setup intel compiler builds) closed by jdsiiro
15:36 Ticket #2239 (enhance cp_u to take command line arguments) closed by jdsiiro
15:28 Ticket #4027 (Update configure.ac and Makefile.am info) closed by jdsiiro
15:25 Ticket #2240 (Failure to detect LAPACK and BLAS) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: We can't reproduce this problem and aren't really supporting gcc 3.4.
15:24 Ticket #1696 (Integrate teva/acro updates for testing mechanism) closed by jdsiiro
15:22 Ticket #3772 (Enable PICO builds without glpk) closed by jdsiiro
15:22 Ticket #3591 (Add error reporting to acro build system) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: The new python setup script should implement this.
15:21 Ticket #4396 (acro-dakota build failure) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Fixed.
15:19 Ticket #3950 (Setup configuration of per-directory control) closed by jdsiiro
invalid: This was implemented for the Sandbox repositories and is not relevant for …
15:16 Ticket #4393 (Recover from virtualenv errors) closed by jdsiiro
invalid: This is a PyUtilib? problem.
15:15 Ticket #4392 (YAML installation on cygwin) closed by jdsiiro
15:05 Ticket #4332 (stable/1.3 updates -> trunk?) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: I think these were all reverted and moved to acro-pico/trunk
15:04 Ticket #4284 (python warnings in package directory) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: The build harness has changed. Without supporting documentation / bug …
15:00 Ticket #4253 (Eliminate -DNO_RUSAGE flag) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: We will tollerate this until we switch to CMake.
14:57 Ticket #4191 (Create improved wiki navigation sidebar) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: Adopt the  Coopr site navigation strategy instead.
14:55 Ticket #4405 (Add --help documentation for acro/setup) created by wehart
Need to document all of the options. Verify that building accepts -j # …
14:55 Ticket #2958 (Setup Acro tests on Darwin) closed by jdsiiro
14:52 Ticket #4361 (Configuration problem when using cplex config options on expo) closed by jdsiiro
invalid: Expo has been EOL'ed.
14:44 Ticket #4292 (Setup support for valgrind testing in PyUnit tests.) closed by jdsiiro
invalid: This ticket belongs to PyUtilib? and has been refiled there as  #pyu60.
14:39 Ticket #4211 (Revisit mailing lists) closed by jdsiiro
14:37 Ticket #4208 (Segregate TPLs from Acro/Dakota makefiles) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: This has little support and may be rendered irrelevant by a switch to …
14:34 Ticket #4368 (Configures fail silently on OS X.5) closed by jdsiiro
wontfix: Many things have changed since this ticket was filed. setup has been …
14:24 Ticket #4331 (Resolve performance issues in Python tests) closed by jdsiiro
invalid: Invalid due to rework of setup in python.
10:22 Changeset [6919] by jdsiiro
bugfix introduced in r6918.
10:13 Changeset [6918] by jdsiiro
- bugfix for RelaxableMixedIntDomain? domain backmap - bugfix for …


15:00 Changeset [6917] by jdsiiro
- improved coordination and error-checking between bounds and …
14:56 Changeset [6916] by jdsiiro
Minor bugfixes for Boost autoconf detection macro.
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