20:03 Ticket #2106 (acro-pico doesn't configure in cygwin/mingw - linking to Fortran from C) closed by wehart
invalid: This bug appears to be stale. We've built under cygwin since this was …
19:58 Ticket #2294 (Compile error / gcc4.0.1/MAC powerpc) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm treating this as 'WontFix?' until we get Mac's to test code on.
19:36 Ticket #3930 (Add branching documentation to Acro pages) closed by wehart
19:35 Ticket #4173 (Change Acro 2.0 license to BSD) created by wehart
There is a conflict between GPL and CPL. I think we need to assume that …
19:25 Ticket #3397 (acro/userapps applications are not tested) closed by wehart
wontfix: This issue is redundant.
19:22 Ticket #3277 (fixes to get nightly tests 100% passing) closed by wehart
19:22 Ticket #3229 (Nightly tests with caching) closed by wehart
wontfix: Caching appears to be quite a complicated issue. I'm treating this as …
19:21 Ticket #3227 (Add bootstrapped version of configure.ac and Makefile.am to acro-dakota) closed by wehart
fixed: Done.
19:18 Ticket #3153 (Identify fortran libraries that are needed for linking with C++) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm not sure what this bug is about, so I'm deleting it.
19:16 Ticket #3151 (ifort test error?) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm willing to close this bug until we have users who need ifort.
18:05 Ticket #3035 (compile error in PicoLPSubclass.h) closed by wehart
fixed: I'm going to treat this as fixed, since we've been building PICO for the …
18:02 Ticket #2903 (Fix configuration of the --with-mpi-cppflags configuration option) closed by wehart
invalid: This is an old bug, and I don't recall how it arose.
17:56 Ticket #2761 (Replicated build options when reconfiguring) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm not going to fix this. It's clear that config.status is generated by …
17:53 Ticket #2736 (Verify gen_milp_app capabilities with sets) closed by wehart
invalid: The gen_milp_app script is deprecated. This functionality is now …
17:53 Ticket #2730 (Document daemon for nightly testing) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm deleting this task. A more generic goal is to improve the nightly …
17:32 Ticket #2179 (Integrate tracecache mechanism into COLIN) closed by wehart
invalid: tracecache is now sacache, and sacache integration is managed separately …
17:26 Ticket #1790 (Nightly bulids for pgcc compilations) closed by wehart
fixed: This is supported by DAKOTA tests.
17:25 Ticket #1789 (Setup configuration for Portland Group compilers) closed by wehart
wontfix: Given Lee Ann's comments about the status of reddish, I'm going to treat …
17:07 Ticket #2190 (Assess 'portability' of Acro web pages) closed by wehart
wontfix: The Acro webpages are now depricated.
17:06 Ticket #2185 (gen_milp_app broken by autoconf) closed by wehart
invalid: gen_milp_app is deprecated. This functionality is now supported by the …
16:55 Ticket #2181 (Assess the portability of the Acro web pages) closed by wehart
invalid: These web pages are depricated. The Acro wiki replaces this …
16:47 Ticket #2152 (Update of coliny application 2) closed by wehart
fixed: The COLIN trunk now supports an NL solver interface, which can be used to …
16:46 Ticket #2151 (Update of coliny solver application 1) closed by wehart
16:45 Ticket #4172 (COLIN interface to OS) created by wehart
Support interfaces to applications that are defined with the OS interface.
16:35 Ticket #2136 (Integrate evaluation hashing in COLIN) closed by wehart
invalid: SAcache integration is still an issue, but it's not as simple as this …
16:30 Ticket #2112 (runexp, TestLib.pm don't run on dos/win) closed by wehart
16:30 Ticket #2098 (Reconsider Acro managemnt of environmental variables) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm not willing to revisit the fundamental design of autoconf in Acro and …
16:24 Ticket #2059 (Make autoreconf an optional element of ./setup) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm changing the status of this. More often than not, you _do_ want …
16:16 Ticket #2882 (Internal pgCC 6.0 compiler error triggered by debug build on reddish...) closed by wehart
wontfix: I am inclined to treat this as 'wontfix' unless the DAKOTA team still sees …
14:41 Ticket #4171 (Comparative MIP solver paper) created by wehart
Idea: leverage Coopr scripts
14:37 Ticket #4170 (IP preprocessor) created by wehart
14:34 Ticket #4169 (Update cbc external to stable 2.2) created by wehart
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10:22 Changeset [5591] by jdsiiro
Minor bugfix to fix build problem with gcc 3.4.4
10:13 Changeset [5590] by jwatson
Promoted the perturbation interval in FP to a full parameter.


21:39 Changeset [5589] by jwatson
Added a simple randomized rounding component to FP, which rounds - in the …
13:38 Changeset [5588] by jwatson
Minor fix involving issues relating to run-time-limit termination. For …
13:14 Changeset [5587] by jwatson
Added manpower MIP instances received from Andrea Lodi.


21:24 Changeset [5586] by jwatson
Used CPLEX to fix some format/syntax issues with the "ds" instance …


17:09 Changeset [5585] by jdsiiro
Another checkpoint for the ResponseCache_MasterSlave development. It now …
15:50 Changeset [5584] by caphill
Some bug fixes for the parallel docking code. This still isn't running …
13:51 Changeset [5583] by wehart
Adding pack/unpack capabilities to MILPSymbol objects. Deleting old …
12:08 Changeset [5582] by jwatson
Added scheduling LP benchmarks received from Emilie Dana.
11:01 Changeset [5581] by caphill
Changing output solution file name. It was <ProblemName?>.solution.dat, …
10:33 Changeset [5580] by caphill
Fixes to get the parallel version compiling. This now invokes the …


17:46 Changeset [5579] by wehart
Fixing compiler issues…
17:45 Changeset [5578] by jdsiiro
- overhaul of CachedResponseData? so that the only way to add data to a …
16:11 Changeset [5577] by wehart
Adding support for parallel docking. I'm not sure if this compiles with …
14:55 Changeset [5576] by wehart
Misc cleanup.
13:47 Changeset [5575] by jwatson
Fixed another lodi-style instance with CPLEX; syntax issues for GLPK …
13:25 Changeset [5574] by jwatson
Used CPLEX to smooth out some syntax issues in the rail instances that …
12:58 Changeset [5573] by jwatson
Added various "rail" instances that I just recently obtained from Matteo …
11:19 Changeset [5572] by jberry
Fixes relating to the use of initialSolve() versus resolve() in the …
10:32 Changeset [5571] by wehart
Rename of the QSA example to Docking.
10:16 Changeset [5570] by wehart
Update of QSA example documentation. Further changes are in the works to …


21:06 Changeset [5569] by jdsiiro
Adding a placeholder for the Master/Slave? Response Cache.
14:20 Changeset [5568] by wehart
Hacking out a build problem. For some reason, this builds find with g++ …
13:48 Changeset [5567] by jdsiiro
Renaming LocalCache? -> ResponseCache_Local
13:21 Changeset [5566] by jdsiiro
Refining the ExecuteManager? to distinguish between "run_command" and …


17:27 Changeset [5565] by jberry
Fixes to two of Sharon's lp formats, which now all pass through the PICO …
17:23 Changeset [5564] by jwatson
Sharon's original instances had some odd syntax structures that CPLEX …


16:36 Changeset [5563] by jdsiiro
- adding ProcessManager_MPI class to support inter-process commands - …
09:50 Changeset [5562] by jdsiiro
- converting SolverMngr? to explicitly use SolverHandle? objects. - fixed …


14:04 Ticket #4168 (warnings on mingw) closed by lafisk
invalid: this is not an acro bug - i'll add to spot bugzilla
13:59 Ticket #4168 (warnings on mingw) created by lafisk
When we build teva-spot on mingw with shared libraries, we get a warning …
13:51 Ticket #4165 (PICO requires libgmp?) created by lafisk
There doesn't seem to be an explicit addition of libgmp in the pico …
12:05 Changeset [5561] by lafisk
fixing to an unchanging code base for release
11:52 Changeset [5560] by lafisk
frozen fast directory for release
11:52 Changeset [5559] by lafisk
Remove fast directory from externals - we had picked a revision of fast …


15:54 Changeset [5558] by jdsiiro
Some minor extensions to aid reintegration with Coliny/trunk
13:56 Changeset [5557] by lafisk
It's pico that is breaking our builds. Move back pico revision and use …
13:22 Changeset [5556] by lafisk
Set the external links on these directories
13:21 Changeset [5555] by lafisk
I am adding a stable branch of acro-pico. We're trying to release code in …
13:10 Changeset [5554] by lafisk
Do not fix top level external links in the trunk I'll create …
00:05 Changeset [5553] by wehart
A major rework of the MILPSymbol functionality. This rework combines the …


16:13 Changeset [5552] by jdsiiro
- Corrected bug in initializing a SubspaceApplication?. - Corrected …
14:10 Changeset [5551] by jdsiiro
Fixing bugs in FiniteDiffApplication?, SamplingApplication?, and …


22:37 Changeset [5550] by jdsiiro
Adding the ExecuteMngr? to manage and process the <Execute> block in …


15:55 Changeset [5549] by dmgay
Changing acro/tpl/3po external to static revision 2076 to pick up both a …
14:36 Changeset [5548] by briadam
Setting svn:externals for 3po back to r2030 since I didn't notice …
14:04 Changeset [5547] by lafisk
removing revision, hopefully tagged directories don't change
13:56 Changeset [5546] by lafisk
fix External links for release 2.1
13:53 Changeset [5545] by lafisk
fixing external links to revision to freeze release code
13:14 Changeset [5544] by briadam
Changing acro/tpl/3po external to point to static revision 2072 instead of …


20:33 Changeset [5543] by lafisk
needs to match bootstrap/root/configure.ac
20:33 Changeset [5542] by lafisk
needs to match Makefile.am in top dir
19:16 Changeset [5541] by lafisk
fix for make dist
19:16 Changeset [5540] by lafisk
fix for make dist
15:36 Changeset [5539] by jdsiiro
Converting EvalManagerFactory?() and CacheFactory?() to use the …


17:21 Changeset [5538] by jdsiiro
Adding a "ReformulationApplication?" to centralize some of the standard …
16:41 Changeset [5537] by jdsiiro
Retooling the system that guarantees that all plugins (default colin …
15:37 Changeset [5536] by jdsiiro
- decentralizing registration of ProblemMngr?() transformations - completed …
12:06 Changeset [5535] by jdsiiro
- Converted FiniteDiffApplication_MixedIntDomain and …
11:21 Changeset [5534] by jdsiiro
Renaming SubspaceApplication_MixedIntDomain -> SubspaceApplication?
11:15 Changeset [5533] by jdsiiro
Big changes: - Converted SamplingApplication? and …


16:27 Ticket #4149 (Acro repository reorganization broke acro-dakota) created by briadam
On May 31, 2008, Bill made a series of commits to acro that I believe …


22:26 Changeset [5532] by jdsiiro
- Converted UnconMuntiobjectiveApplication? to support default …


08:03 Changeset [5531] by wehart
An initial rework of the MILPSymbol concept to unify the MILPSymbol and …


16:55 Changeset [5530] by jdsiiro
Converting WeightedMultiobjApplication? to use ApplicationHandles?


19:55 Changeset [5529] by jdsiiro
- finalizing the RelaxableMixedIntDomainApplication? rename (step 2 of 2) - …
17:50 Changeset [5528] by jdsiiro
- publicizing the ApplicationHandle? default constructor - added …
13:29 Changeset [5527] by jdsiiro
- Adding file that was omitted from r5526 - removing erroneous …
12:30 Changeset [5526] by jdsiiro
- Adding OptApplication_Base::get_problem() to retrieve the derived …


17:27 Changeset [5525] by wehart
Initial rework of SUCASA objects to support initialization from *.val …
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