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#4353 make target for running code tests new wehart defect blocker Acro [long term]
#4387 Resolve acro-pico build problems on Mac assigned odparek defect major Acro 2.x
#4395 'make distclean' fails for acro-coliny new wehart defect major Acro [long term]
#842 Make package builds robust to failures new wehart enhancement normal Acro [wish list]
#2277 Work with project leaders to provide uniform support for --enable-gcov new wehart enhancement normal Acro 2.x
#2764 COIN/Harwell library issue new wehart defect normal Acro [wish list]
#3592 Improve build system documentation assigned jdsiiro defect normal Acro 2.1
#4269 Add "DEVELOPMENT_MODE" #define new wehart enhancement normal Acro [long term]
#4385 Configuration-based project management new wehart enhancement normal Acro 2.x
#4397 configuring with --with-optimization=no doesn't disable optimization new lafisk defect normal Acro [long term]
#4400 rename acro-root -> common assigned jdsiiro task normal Acro 2.x
#4405 Add --help documentation for acro/setup new wehart enhancement normal Acro 2.1
#4406 Re-establish valgrind tests in Hudson new odparek task normal Acro 2.x
#4408 Propagate python scripts to /bin new wehart@… enhancement normal Acro 2.1
#2070 Upgrade COIN to work with SOPLEX 1.3 new caphill enhancement minor Acro [wish list]
#2134 Setup nightly tests for 'make distcheck' new wehart defect minor Acro [wish list]
#2164 Add support for runtime linking of opt applications and solvers assigned jdsiiro enhancement minor Acro [long term]
#2795 COIN configuration new lafisk enhancement minor Acro [wish list]
#4295 "svn.a rcommit" should aggregate commits to the same repository new wehart enhancement minor Acro [wish list]
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