Welcome to MapReduceXMT

MapReduceXMT is a library that ports the MapReduce paradigm to the Cray XMT.

MapReduceXMT is copyrighted and released under a Berkeley open source license. However, the code is still very much in development and there has not been a formal release of the software.

SPEED-MT Semantic Processing Executed Efficiently and Dynamically

This trac site is currently being used to house SPEED-MT, which contains a set of algorithms and data structures for processing semantic web data on shared memory supercomputers such as the Cray XMT.

SPEED-MT Modules

Setting up SPEED-MT

Getting Setup

SPARQL with GraphLab

We explore implementing SPARQL using  GraphLab. The SPEED-MT library provides functionality for translating RDF into a format that GraphLab can read. Click here for more information.