parm_struct Struct Reference

#include <pga.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

char eval [80]
int restart
int niches
int npop
int ngen
int chr_length
int nbest
int save_freq
int print_flag
int niflag
int ni_gen [MAX_NI]
double select_rate
int select_method
double mutate_rate
double threshold
double crossover_rate
int words
int start [MAXWORDS]
int length [MAXWORDS]
int type [MAXWORDS]
double min [MAXWORDS]
double max [MAXWORDS]

Member Data Documentation

int parm_struct::chr_length

double parm_struct::crossover_rate

char parm_struct::eval[80]

int parm_struct::length[MAXWORDS]

double parm_struct::max[MAXWORDS]

double parm_struct::min[MAXWORDS]

int parm_struct::MSEED

double parm_struct::mutate_rate

int parm_struct::nbest

int parm_struct::ngen

int parm_struct::ni_gen[MAX_NI]

int parm_struct::niches

int parm_struct::niflag

int parm_struct::npop

int parm_struct::print_flag

int parm_struct::restart

int parm_struct::save_freq

int parm_struct::select_method

double parm_struct::select_rate

int parm_struct::start[MAXWORDS]

double parm_struct::threshold

int parm_struct::type[MAXWORDS]

int parm_struct::words

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