OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv Class Reference

#include <OptBCNewtonLike.h>

Inheritance diagram for OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv:

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Public Member Functions

 OptBCNewton1Deriv ()
 OptBCNewton1Deriv (NLP1 *p)
 OptBCNewton1Deriv (NLP1 *p, UPDATEFCN u)
 OptBCNewton1Deriv (NLP1 *p, TOLS t)
virtual ~OptBCNewton1Deriv ()

Protected Member Functions

NLP1nlprob () const
 returns an NLP1 pointer

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Bound constrained Newton class that will take either an NLP1 or NLP2.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::OptBCNewton1Deriv (  )  [inline]

OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::OptBCNewton1Deriv ( NLP1 p  )  [inline]

OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::OptBCNewton1Deriv ( NLP1 p,
) [inline]

OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::OptBCNewton1Deriv ( NLP1 p,
TOLS  t 
) [inline]

virtual OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::~OptBCNewton1Deriv (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

NLP1* OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::nlprob (  )  const [inline, protected, virtual]

returns an NLP1 pointer

Implements OPTPP::OptBCNewtonLike.

Member Data Documentation

NLP1* OPTPP::OptBCNewton1Deriv::mem_nlp [private]

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