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Open Source Software at Sandia

Computing Research at Sandia creates technology and solutions for many of our nation's most demanding national security challenges. The Computing Research portfolio spans the spectrum from fundamental research to state-of-the-art applications. Much of our work involves enabling technology for modeling physical and engineering systems. We also have extensive research programs in decision support, cognitive modeling, informatics, and discrete modeling.


The Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) brings university faculty and students to Sandia National Laboratories for focused collaborative research on DOE computer and computational science problems. The CSRI is organized under the DOE Stockpile Computing Program. CSRI provides a mechanism by which university researchers learn about problems in computer and computational science at DOE Laboratories. Participants conduct leading-edge research, interact with scientists and engineers at the laboratories and help transfer the results of their research to programs at the labs.


The Cyber Engineering Research Institute (CERI) focuses to enhance Sandia’s cyber security program. To leverage Sandia’s unique capabilities in cyber, this institute serves to:

  1. Incubate Sandia’s Cyber Security Science & Technology (S&T) activities to accelerate and deepen mission impact
  2. Outreach to key cyber experts and leaders in industry and academia
  3. Push the frontiers of science through Cyber Security S&T advancements
  4. Grow the next generation of cyber security talent for Sandia and the nation

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