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Developer Information

CVS Repository

The APPSPACK CVS repository is maintained on For access, contact Tamara G. Kolda.

To do CVS remotely, set the CVS shell to SSH. For example, using csh, this can be done as follows:

setenv CVS_RSH ssh 

The command for checking out the 5.0 branch of APPPSACK is then as follows.

cvs -d :ext:[username@] co [-d DIRNAME] -r APPSPACK_Version_5_0 appspack

The option [-d DIRNAME] specifies the directory name that appspack should be put into. The default is appspack.

Developers should not make changes to the release branch without explicit permission from the project lead.
For more information on CVS, see


Bonsai is a graphical user interface to CVS. Click here to make queries on Bonsai for APPSPACK.


The following tools are used:

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