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Configure Options

The following detail the configure options for APPSPACK. A complete list of configure options can be generated by typing configure --help. See also Configuration, Compilation, and Installation.

Influential Environmental Variables

Basic Configure Options

Linear Constraints Configure Options

Note that software packages BLAS, LAPACK, and cddlib are needed only if linear constraints are present. By default APPSPACK compiles with LAPACK and BLAS support enabled and cddlib support disabled. APPSPACK can handle degenerate constraints only if cddlib support is enabled.

Enabling BLAS, LAPACK, and cddlib has the following effect:

  1. Whenever possible, BLAS and LAPACK will be used to generate search directions.
  2. The software package cddlib will only be used when constraint degeneracy is detected.
  3. Adding extra search directions is possible in all cases.

Enabling BLAS and LAPACK, but disabling cddlib has the following effect:

  1. BLAS and LAPACK will always be used to generate search directions.
  2. If constraint degeneracy is detected, APPSPACK will exit with an error statement.
  3. Adding extra search directions is possible in all cases.

Disabling BLAS and LAPACK, but enabling cddlib has the following effect:

  1. cddlib will always be used to generate search directions for nontrivial tangent cones.
  2. Adding extra search directions may not be possible in all cases, e.g. if equality constraints are present the extra search directions must be projected into the nullspace of the equality constraint matrix, an LAPACK dependent operation.

MPI Configure Options

MPI is not enabled by default; it must be enabled by specifying appropriate configure options.

Enabling MPI has the following effects.

  1. Configure will test for the ability to preprocess the MPI header file. It will also test the ability to link with MPI (unless the --disable-executables configure option is specified).

  2. Defines HAVE_MPI in the APPSPACK_Config.hpp file that is created by configure.

  3. Portions of the APPSPACK library that depends on MPI will then function correctly. This includes the APPSPACK::GCI wrapper for MPI commands, the APPSPACK::Executor::MPI, and pack/unpack functions for the APPSPACK::Parameter objects.

  4. The MPI executable will be compiled (unless the --disable-executables configure option is specified); see Using the APPSPACK Executables.

MPI can be enabled by using one of the three options below.

Turning the Executables On or Off

Installation-Related Configure Options


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