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APPSPACK::Matrix Member List

This is the complete list of members for APPSPACK::Matrix, including all inherited members.

addMatrix(const Matrix &B)APPSPACK::Matrix
addMatrix(const Matrix &B, double alpha)APPSPACK::Matrix
addMatrix(const Matrix &B, const Vector &s)APPSPACK::Matrix
addRow(const Vector &r)APPSPACK::Matrix
addRow(const Vector &r, double alpha)APPSPACK::Matrix
addUniqueRows(const Matrix &B, double epsilon)APPSPACK::Matrix
constrainedLSQR(Vector &x, const Vector &b) const APPSPACK::Matrix
copyFromFortranVector(const Vector &Avec, int nrows, int ncols, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose)APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
copySubMatrix(int istart, int iextent, const Matrix &B)APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
copyToFortranVector(Vector &Avec, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose) const APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
deleteRow(int i)APPSPACK::Matrix
empty() const APPSPACK::Matrix
fmatvecAPPSPACK::Matrix [mutable, private]
fmatvecSetAPPSPACK::Matrix [mutable, private]
fmatvecTAPPSPACK::Matrix [mutable, private]
fmatvecTSetAPPSPACK::Matrix [mutable, private]
getMatrixVector(TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose) const APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
getNcols() const APPSPACK::Matrix
getNrows() const APPSPACK::Matrix
getRighInvAndNullBasis(Matrix &RT, Matrix &NT, double tol) const APPSPACK::Matrix
getRow(int i) const APPSPACK::Matrix
getRowPointers(vector< double * > &Aptr)APPSPACK::Matrix
leftshift(ostream &stream) const APPSPACK::Matrix
Matrix(const Matrix &B, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose)APPSPACK::Matrix
Matrix(const Matrix &B, const Vector &s, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose)APPSPACK::Matrix
Matrix(double **Aptr, int nrows, int ncols)APPSPACK::Matrix
matrixAPPSPACK::Matrix [private]
matrixChanged()APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
multMat(const Matrix &B, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose)APPSPACK::Matrix
multMat(const Matrix &B, Matrix &C, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose) const APPSPACK::Matrix
multMatWithBlas(const APPSPACK::Matrix &Bin, APPSPACK::Matrix &C, TransposeType ttype) const APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
multMatWithoutBlas(const APPSPACK::Matrix &Bin, APPSPACK::Matrix &C, TransposeType ttype) const APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
multVec(const Vector &x, Vector &y, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose) const APPSPACK::Matrix
multVecWithBlas(const Vector &x, Vector &y, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose) const APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
multVecWithoutBlas(const Vector &x, Vector &y, TransposeType ttype=NoTranspose) const APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
NoTranspose enum valueAPPSPACK::Matrix
nullSpace(Matrix &ZT, double tol) const APPSPACK::Matrix
operator=(const Matrix &B)APPSPACK::Matrix
pruneDependentRows(Vector &b, double epsilon)APPSPACK::Matrix
resize(int m, int n)APPSPACK::Matrix [private]
scale(const Matrix &B, const Vector &s)APPSPACK::Matrix
scale(const Vector &s)APPSPACK::Matrix
setToIdentity(int n)APPSPACK::Matrix
svd(Matrix &U, Vector &s, Matrix &VT) const APPSPACK::Matrix
transpose(const Matrix &B)APPSPACK::Matrix
Transpose enum valueAPPSPACK::Matrix
TransposeType enum nameAPPSPACK::Matrix


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