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APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface Class Reference

#include <APPSPACK_Evaluator_Interface.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface:

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Detailed Description

Abstract interface for a single function evaluation.

Abstract interface for the object that handles the evaluation of a single function evaluation. The SystemCall implementation is used by the default executables that are provided with APPSPACK.

See also Customizing the APPSPACK::Evaluator to change the way single function evaluations are handled.

Note that the Evaluator handles only a single function evaluation, and the Executor coordinates the parallel execution of the function evaluations.

Definition at line 67 of file APPSPACK_Evaluator_Interface.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 Interface ()
virtual ~Interface ()
virtual void operator() (int tag_in, const Vector &x_in, Vector &f_out, string &msg_out)=0
 Do the function evaluation for the point x_in, and fill int he results.
virtual void print () const
 Optional - prints information about the evaluator object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface::Interface  )  [inline]


Definition at line 72 of file APPSPACK_Evaluator_Interface.hpp.

virtual APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface::~Interface  )  [inline, virtual]


Definition at line 75 of file APPSPACK_Evaluator_Interface.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface::operator() int  tag_in,
const Vector x_in,
Vector f_out,
string &  msg_out
[pure virtual]

Do the function evaluation for the point x_in, and fill int he results.

tag_in - Contains a unique tag which can be used to name files, etc.
x_in - The point to be evaluated
f_out - On output, this should contain the function value. An empty vector indicates that the function value did not exist. Or, set individual entries of the function to APPSPACK::dne();
msg_out - On output, this should contain a message about the function evaluation

Implemented in APPSPACK::Evaluator::SystemCall.

virtual void APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface::print  )  const [inline, virtual]

Optional - prints information about the evaluator object.

Reimplemented in APPSPACK::Evaluator::SystemCall, and CustomEvaluator.

Definition at line 91 of file APPSPACK_Evaluator_Interface.hpp.

Referenced by APPSPACK::Executor::Serial::print().

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