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cex_main.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Main executable for custom executor example.

This is the main file. It starts MPI, appropriately calls the master and worker tasks, and terminates MPI when everything is finished.

See also:
Customizing the APPSPACK::Executor to change the way function evaluations are distributed in parallel

Definition in file cex_main.cpp.

#include <iostream>
#include "mpi.h"

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void master (int argc, char *argv[], int nprocs)
void worker ()
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Function Documentation

void master int  argc,
char *  argv[],
int  nprocs


Definition at line 44 of file cex_master.cpp.

References QUIT, APPSPACK::Parameter::List::setParameter(), SIZE, and APPSPACK::Parameter::List::sublist().

Referenced by main().

void worker  ) 


Definition at line 45 of file cex_worker.cpp.

References CODE, constraint(), feval(), FVAL, SIZE, XTAG, and XVEC.

Referenced by main().

int main int  argc,
char *  argv[]


Definition at line 33 of file cex_main.cpp.

References master(), and worker().


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