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APPSPACK 5.0.1 Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
APPSPACK::CounterCounts the different types of function evaluations, using arbitary codes returned by the user
CustomEvaluatorExample custom evaluator derived from APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface
CustomExecutorCustom executor class derived from APPSPACK::Executor::Interface
APPSPACK::DirectionsThe search directions and associated information
APPSPACK::GCIAPPS Communicator - An interface for both PVM and MPI commands
APPSPACK::Combiner::GenericAbstract generic class for combining a vector of values into a single function value
APPSPACK::Evaluator::InterfaceAbstract interface for a single function evaluation
APPSPACK::Executor::InterfaceGeneric interface for an object that coordinates the execution of function evaluations
APPSPACK::Constraints::LinearConstraint class that implements general linear inequality constraints
APPSPACK::ListManipulates a list of Point objects
APPSPACK::Cache::ManagerActual cache object. Stored the cached points in a splay tree
APPSPACK::MatrixStores a matrix A. All indices begin at zero
APPSPACK::Executor::MPIMPI Executor
APPSPACK::Cache::PointStore a cached point. Allow comparisons between points for storage in a splay tree. See Cache::Manager
APPSPACK::PointA trial point
APPSPACK::PrintPrinting utilities
APPSPACK::Print::PrintableDoubleClass used for printing formatted doubles
APPSPACK::Print::PrintablePositiveDoubleClass used for printing formatted positive doubles
APPSPACK::Executor::SerialSerial Executor
APPSPACK::SolverThe solver itself
APPSPACK::Cache::SplayTree< Comparable >The splay tree is a binary storage structure
APPSPACK::Cache::SplayTreeNode< Comparable >Templated splay tree node
APPSPACK::Evaluator::SystemCallSystemCall for (serial) function evaluation
APPSPACK::VectorClass Vector -- Extends properties of the Standard Template Library (STL) vector<double>, v


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