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APPSPACK_Main_MPI.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

The main() for a MPI version of APPSPACK based on a simple system call.

Definition in file APPSPACK_Main_MPI.cpp.

#include "APPSPACK_GCI.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Common.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Parameter_List.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Utils.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Evaluator_SystemCall.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Executor_MPI.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Solver.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Vector.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Constraints_Linear.hpp"

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int main (int argc, char *argv[])
 Main subroutine for default MPI version of APPSPACK.

Function Documentation

int main int  argc,
char *  argv[]

Main subroutine for default MPI version of APPSPACK.

Only works if MPI is enabled at configure time; see MPI Configure Options.

Definition at line 54 of file APPSPACK_Main_MPI.cpp.

References APPSPACK::GCI::bufinfo(), APPSPACK::GCI::exit(), APPSPACK::GCI::getNumProcs(), APPSPACK::GCI::init(), APPSPACK::GCI::initSend(), APPSPACK::Parameter::List::isParameterSublist(), APPSPACK::GCI::pack(), APPSPACK::Parameter::List::pack(), APPSPACK::parseTextInputFile(), APPSPACK::GCI::recv(), APPSPACK::GCI::send(), APPSPACK::Parameter::List::sublist(), APPSPACK::GCI::unpack(), and APPSPACK::Parameter::List::unpack().


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